WTF? Walmart Asks Employees To Donate Food To Coworkers For Thanksgiving (PHOTO)

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Walmart is under fire yet again for its low wages and employee treatment and this time, the evidence is too heartbreaking to ignore.

A photo showing a Walmart food drive to help those who can’t afford a Thanksgiving dinner was posted on Facebook. But the food drive wasn’t for a charity — it was for Walmart employees who don’t make enough money at their Walmart jobs to celebrate Thanksgiving.

The photo, taken inside a Walmart store in Canton, Ohio, is being shared by OUR Walmart (a labor organization dedicated to unionizing Walmart associates through the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union), bringing attention to the fact that over half of all employees make $25,000 a year or less.

OUR Walmart, however, says that Walmart figure is wrong — the number is closer to $15,000.

And what did a Walmart spokesperson have to say about the fact that Walmart employees are being asked…

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