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Do Women Need Bras? French Study Says Brassieres Are A ‘False Necessity’

Women who go braless may actually have the right idea, new research suggests.  Read more and say what you think:

Do Women Need Bras? French Study Says Brassieres Are A ‘False Necessity’.

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Voting is Important!

This is a reminder to all of us….spread the word, Get Out the Vote! Nothing we have to do is so important that we cannot take time to vote and to voice our opinions about the men and women who represent us at every level of government local, state or national. Our foremothers’ history we need to remember will be depicted here over the next few days. These will be stories of our Mothers and Grandmothers who lived only 90 years ago. How long will we wait:

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Women Who Shine

I received an email notification from Yahoo and let me tell you I was quite surprised.  Here is a letter written by my best friend nominating me for their award.  So please indulge me as I am truly honored and certainly would like your support:

Dear Friends and Family:

I am nominating my best friend from High School, Roslyn Ridgeway for Yahoo’s Women Who Shine Award.   Roslyn has devoted over 20 years to Community Service, Nonprofit Leadership and has been a voice for all Women, while Motivating and Inspiring them to find abundant success.  This would be a great honor for her and I would appreciate all of your assistance in helping Roslyn become the honoree.

Please Vote for Roslyn!  It only takes less than a minute of your time to cast your vote for her, by clicking on this link Women Who Shine.  Also please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts on why Roslyn should win this award.

By the way, take the liberty of sharing this with your friends.  The more people who vote, the greater Roslyn’s chances are at winning.

Thank you


So, join Karen and I by casting your vote today!

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Leading with Style

I recently spoke at a university conference where I was asked, “What type of leadership is best utilized in leading an organization or team?”

There are numerous types of leaders. But many fall into two categories: The Aggressive Leader and The Committed Leader.

I describe the Aggressive Leader as one who moves very quickly and enters into a, “do as I say so” role. “-Never mind about your thoughts or ideas; I just want you to help me get there!” Aggressive Leaders don’t believe in a team effort or leaving a legacy. It’s about me, myself and I! This type of leader can accomplish success but one thought comes to mind — What will be the legacy once the reign comes to an end?

However, success is better achieved by one who leads by example and continues building and developing a pool of leaders through mentorship, so that the legacy does not end. Instead, it transcends over time. That is the leadership style of the Committed Leader.

In addition to legacy development and mentorship, sustainability in leadership is also very important to the Committed Leader. In this type of leadership style, one embraces a holistic approach in leading, making sure they engage their community and environment.

They are surrounded with friends and family who are themselves leaders and positive role models in the community. Committed Leaders are continuously finding and mentoring individuals who are eager to become leaders and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

I consider myself to be a Committed Leader. What type of leader do you want to be?

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